How To Remove Speed Limiter on Your ATV

ATV speed limiters are often installed on models designed for youth riders. This allows for a safer machine to learn on where the riders aren’t accidentally going full-throttle and getting thrown on the trail. The speed limiter can be slowly adjusted as you become more experienced, so the learning can be a gradual process.

If you want to remove the speed limiter on your ATV, you are either looking at a quick and easy fix, or a more complicated and expensive task. Depending on the model ATV you ride, you’ll be able to figure out how to get going faster just by taking a look. Here’s how to remove the speed limiter on your ATV.

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Loosening the Throttle Adjuster

Many youth ATVs come with a speed limiter installed on the throttle. These are the easier fixes that are actually designed to be adjusted as the rider begins to gain more confidence, not to mention to parents feeling more comfortable.

Some models have the speed limiter on the throttle. To adjust this, simply loosen the jam nut and adjust the screw inward to reduce speed, or outward to increase speed. After your adjustment, you just need to tighten the jam nut back up and you’ll be moving quicker immediately.

Other models will have the throttle stop located behind the left front tire. The process is the same for anything located on the throttle; loosen the jam nut and adjust the stud inwards or outwards to shift the speed limit.

In general, you’ll need to look up your specific model to find out where exactly the speed limiter is located on your ATV. This will help you to know where to look and how to adjust it.

Remapping the ECU

If you’re not riding a youth ATV, your rig probably doesn’t have too much of a speed limiter installed. In order to go faster, you actually need to completely remap the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to up the RPM capacity and allow for more horsepower.

This process can be much more complicated and shouldn’t be attempted by a novice. You’ll be paying a lot more money to get the rig moving slightly faster. Often it’s not worth it, but you can try it out to see what capacity your ATV truly has.

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