How to Repair a Bent ATV Rim

ATV rims take a battering when out adventuring. Sometimes they end up bent but not broken. There are ways you can recover your ATVs bent rim and tire and other cases where you shouldn’t. Here is how to repair your bent ATV rim and tire.

Your rims take the weight of your ATV and were designed to resist some impacts such as rocks and big falls. But it may be one too many for your ATV rim and you may end up with yours bent. Now this method will not make them exactly back to normal, and if the tire damage is too much - it is best to replace both a bent ATV rim and tire.

bent atv wheel rim

How to Repair Bent ATV Rims – Step by Step

For slight bending you first need to work out if your ATV rim is steel or alloy. Alloy has a greater risk of further damage to the wheel; steel is easier to fix but will not result in a perfect finish.

If you need to take your wheels/tires off to get better access, it’s best to do so now. Find the bent rim by rolling the tire and seeing any inconsistent rolling or hopping.

Three items you need are a block of wood, blow torch and a dead blow or rubber hammer.

  • To begin repairing your bent ATV rim get the bent piece hot using your heat gun – taking measures not to heat the tire rim.

  • Use your block of wood to cover the bent rim. The more curved the wood (to match the profile of the rim and tire), the better.

  • Hammer away at the bend on the rim on top of the wood as to not crack or damage the rim or tire. If this method isn’t working, take away the wood and carefully hammer away at the bent rim directly until you have a smooth bend again. 
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Warning Signs of A Broken Rim

If the wheel or tire has buckled and showing any signs of cracks or permanent damage, then do not attempt to repair. If the bead area is bent then it is possible to repair, otherwise avoid repairing the bent rim.

Other Ways to Repair Your Bent ATV Rim

Using a car Jack

If you are able to create a small flat area by hammering the opposite side of your bent rim. You can use a car jack to push the bend out again. A block of wood can help here to protect the tire and rim against the jack.

Using a crescent wrench

When dealing with a bent tire lip on your ATV, a crescent wrench to gently move the bent lip in or out depending on the damage. Crescent wrenches are ideal as they adjust to the size of your ATV rim and tightly grip the edges.

Taking to a shop

A specialist mechanic or repair shop that handle ATVs will be able to use high tech equipment to refurbish and repair the bent rim. Search online to see if there is someone that can help with bent rims in your area.

Final Option to repair bent rim

If all else fails or if you have damaged your ATV rim, then the best advice is to replace it with a new or used rim and tire. It can be hard to source a new rim as some owners have classic ATVs and parts are scarce.

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