How to Restore White ATV Plastic

A white ATV looks beautiful when you’re cruising down the trail and the entire machine is shiny and clean. When it starts to get dirty, you’ll see dirt standing out more drastically than on any other color of plastic. The dirtier it gets, the more likely you will need to learn how to restore white ATV plastic to help you bring the ATV back to its glory days of beauty.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to restore white ATV plastic as well as prevent the restoration from ever needing to happen. If you treat your ATV with the love and care that it deserves, you’ll see your machine staying clean and the plastic won’t need to be restored for a long time. Nobody likes to clean their ATV, but this is something that will truly pay off in the long run.

atv with white plastic

Getting rid of the dirt

The first step in restoring white ATV plastic is getting all of the mud and dirt off of it. This is typical of any cleaning process, which you should be doing after every time you ride it.

Start by simply getting the big chunks off of the machine with your hands, and then use a hose with a pressure nozzle to get all the remaining mud cleaned off. You can use a cleaner here to get the finer dirt off and prepare the plastic for restoration.

Plastic restoration

A plastic restoration formula works well to deep clean the plastic and restores many of its protective properties that help for long-term protection. Torque plastic restore is one of the best products out there to restore white ATV plastic, but there are many others that you can find and use on your ATV.

Many people will offer up solutions like WD-40, a Magic Eraser, or bleach-based chemical cleaners. Be wary of these different at-home tricks because they aren’t designed exactly for ATV plastic and can leave many micro-scratches or actually wear away at the gloss over the paint. If you use these methods too often, you can end up with more faded paint than you had at the start.

Anti-mud sealant

The final method to help out with preventing damage to your white ATV plastic is to use a high-quality sealant. These sealants are hydrophobic, meaning that water will slide right off of them. Because of this, mud also doesn’t stick to the body very well when you’re out riding.

Try to use these sealants often, as they will wear away as you ride more, and need to clean the ATV afterward. A good sealant will help to keep your newly restored white plastic in pristine condition.

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