How To Ride ATV In Mud

New to mudding or looking to up your game? This post has you covered with ATV riding tips.

Where to Ride ATV in Mud

Options to ride:

  • Find mud holes on a trail.
  • Build your own mud hole.
  • Visit a mud park near you.
mud bogging atv

Preparing for Four Wheeler Mud Riding

You’ll have to prepare your machine, or it will get stuck or damaged.

Do these things before you ride in mud:

  • Grease your bearings, switches, and electrical components to keep mud and water out. Also add silicone to protect electrical components and switches.

  • Read your owner’s manual to discover your ATV’s water depth threshold.

  • Snorkel your ATV.

  • Install aggressive mud tires, and a clutch kit if these tires are considerably larger.

  • Purchase a lift kit.

  • Install a quality winch and snatch block.

  • Get stronger CV axles.

  • Install an O-ring chain.

  • Upgrade to a performance belt.

  • Boost power with a high-flow air filter, aftermarket exhaust for power, and fuel modifications.

  • Cover your machine in a spray or oil that will make mud easier to wash off.

Also, this isn’t for your machine, but for you. Get tear-offs or roll-offs for your goggles.

Off-road waders will keep you dry and safe in water and mud
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How to Ride a ATV in Mud


Don’t just dive into the mud. Take some time to see what other rides are doing out there. What lines do they take in the mud (where they’re riding)? Do you notice areas where they seem to be having difficulty? This will give you an idea of what it’s like under the mud and how you should tackle it. But don’t automatically assume that your ATV can do the same thing. They may have a more mud-capable machine than you do or be more experienced. If someone’s stuck, plan a way around them to avoid getting stuck yourself. Notice where the mud seems to be shallower and plan your launching points.

Go Easy

Riding in the mud shares similarities with riding a car in water or snow, you don’t want to make abrupt movements. It’s best to use just enough throttle to enter the mud hole at a moderate speed and then use just enough as needed to make it through areas with little traction on momentum. You can use spots where there is more traction to speed up again with a little throttle.

Shift early. If you wait until it’s necessary and you have to slow down or stop to make the shift, you will probably get stuck.

Try to have a relaxed mindset to go with your smooth riding. If you feel smooth, you’ll be less likely to over control the machine or panic and do something abrupt.

Steer with Your Body

When you have little traction, you can still steer after a fashion by standing up and shifting your weight or putting both of your legs on the same side of the machine. If your ATV is leaning forward, you can shift your weight backwards.

If You Get Stuck

If your machine has stalled, let off the throttle or you’ll push yourself deeper in the mud. You can try to rock yourself out if you’re only slightly stuck or some other riders might help you lift the back of your machine. If those options don’t work, you’ll have to employ a tow rope or winch.

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