How to Straighten an ATV Frame

On all the rough adventures we take our ATVs on, we’re going to see some bent frames from time to time. Then, there are the accidents that damage our frames and don’t come with any fun stories or glory. Maybe they can at least be funny. However it happened, you’re going to want to know how to straighten ATV frames.

bent atv frame

Can You Straighten a Bent ATV Frame?

In many cases, you can straighten your bent ATV frame. Sometimes it’d be better to replace that section of the frame with a new piece.

You can DIY or hire a mechanic. It all depends on how serious the damage is, how confident you are that you can do the work, and whether you want to mess with doing it yourself. Some jobs are very simple.

If you need to go with a mechanic, the average ATV bent frame repair cost is $500. If you have insurance, it might cover the cost for you. If you choose to DIY, you’ll have to acquire the parts and may have to purchase tools.

Do know that any time you straighten or repair the metal, it will be weaker than it was before. This means if you have another impact or accident, that will be the place that breaks first. The damage may be worse this time, and it might be cheaper in the long run and safer to replace the frame rather than simply repair it. That is a choice you’ll have to make based on what part of the frame bent.

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How to Straighten Bent ATV Frame

There are numerous ATV frame straightening techniques you can try.


Before we go into any of the other steps, we’ll cover two important things you need to check before you decide how to fix a bent frame on ATVs.

If the frame is cracked, you will need to spot weld it to repair the crack. You can borrow or rent a spot welder.

If the crack is large, welding alone may not provide enough structural integrity. You’ll need a gusset to provide additional support. It will be welded into place with the spot welder.

Easiest Fix to Straighten ATV Frame

The simplest fix for the least complicated bends is to grab the frame and pull it back into place. Depending on the location and severity of the bend, that may be all you need.

How to Straighten a 4 Wheeler Frame

DIYers can really have fun with this job because you can get creative with it. The best way to straighten ATV frames can change depending on the bend and your available tools.

We’ll show you an example from Facebook. A1 UTV posted a video where they took a jack, a square bar, spacers, and a chain and used the vehicle’s weight to straighten a portion of frame under their Polaris.

How to Fix Bent ATV Frame

Sometimes your frame will need more than straightening, and you’ll have to replace a portion of the frame.

For this bent ATV frame repair, you’ll begin by assessing the damage and determining if the bend is in a single section of the frame that can be easily replaced or if you need to replace the entire frame.

If you’re dealing with a small, replaceable section, cut out the damaged part of the frame with a hacksaw or pipe cutter.

Buy the frame section you need from a local junk yard, a dealer, or a scrap parts store online. Sometimes off-roaders buy used ATVs that don’t run to get parts like this from.

Cut the new frame section to fit the space you removed from your frame.

Weld the new section into the frame.

After the welding has cooled, sand it to make it look good. You can also touch it up with paint to make it match, if needed.


Fixing a bent ATV frame can vary a great deal depending on the nature of the bend. It can be a ridiculously simple job or it can get pretty complicated. You’ll need to determine what the best approach is to get your ATV looking good again, not cut corners now that will cost you later, and to have a safe ride.

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