How to Title A UTV

Titling your UTV is one of your responsibilities when you just get a new UTV, and you have only 30 days to do so.

You are expected to title and pay sales tax on your vehicle within the first 30 days of the purchase. Failure to get your vehicle titled within this period attracts a penalty of $25. If you also fail to get your UTV titled after another 30 days, you pay another $25, and this continues until you do the necessary.

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But how do you title a UTV?

Getting a title for your vehicle can be time-demanding, but it is worth it in the end, as it means you don’t pay the attached penalties.

However, UTV titling requirements for each region differ, and you may need to check your local authorities for what you must provide.

How to Get a Title for a UTV

There are two ways to apply for a UTV title: in person or by mail.

In-person: you can walk into any license office in your state and apply for your vehicle title. Here, you will be attended to in person, and you can ask your questions about titling your vehicle.

Mail: even if you are busy with work and don’t have time to go out and get a title for your vehicle, you can still apply online through mailing in your leisure time.

Titling and registering a UTV requires some payment. For example, you are required to pay a state sales tax of some percentage on your vehicle net purchase. Another tax you will pay to get a UTV title is a local sales tax, which is based on the rate where you live instead of where you purchased the vehicle.

After the process, your UTV will be titled, and they will tell you to come back every three years for renewal.

Must I Title My UTV?

Whether it is necessary to title your UTV or not depends on your state. While some states require you to get a title for your side-by-side, some states don’t require this registration. Hence, it is important to check your state’s DMV before buying a UTV to know the needed papers.

However, regardless of your state of residence, titling your vehicle gives you some advantages. A title means more proof of ownership. Plus, you can present it when you report a theft case of your vehicle.

Can I Buy a UTV Without a Title?

The answer is YES. You can buy a UTV without a title. As said earlier, not all states demand getting a title for your UTV, and you might likely come across an owner from these states. However, you want to know why the owner didn’t get a title for their vehicle.

One reason you might find a UTV without a title is that the UTV was stolen. Hence, it is wise to do your research well before making the decision, so you don’t find yourself in trouble.

Another reason a used side-by-side might not have a title is that it was financed and still has a lien. When a vehicle is financed, and the buyer hasn’t paid off, the vehicle is still not the buyer’s but technically belongs to the seller.

If you come across such a UTV, the best way to go about it is to discuss the change of ownership with the seller, know the exact payoff, and start working on getting the title.

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