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How to Troubleshoot the Locked Up ATV Brakes Issue

Like every other part of an ATV, the brakes on your machine are prone to having issues. One common issue with ATV brakes is the brake locking up, which can send shivers down your spine.

If your ATV brake is locked, don't fret. There are a few ways around the issue, and the good part is that you can fix a locked-up ATV brake by yourself.

This piece shows you how to troubleshoot and fix lockup ATV brake issues and get your ATV back on its feet again, even without being a pro:

bleeding locked up brakes atv

How to Troubleshoot Locked-Up Brakes

Check the Brake Cable

A locked-up brake on an ATV is usually a result of a faulty brake cable. The brake cable connects the hand brake to the machine's braking system.

When you apply the brake, it puts pressure on a piston and triggers the piston to put pressure on the brake fluid or air. The caliper or a lever then forces the brake pads to press against the disc or drum.

Due to the construction of this cable, it is prone to wear and tear, resulting in a locked-up brake. The brake cable is made up of braided steel with a rubber casing to prevent the risk of corrosion. But this casing doesn't stop it from wearing and rusting. The accumulation of rust particles results in the brake lever getting stuck down.

If you notice this, release the rust particles and lubricate the cable.

Check the Brake Fluid

Another area you want to pay attention to when troubleshooting brake locking up is the brake fluid - if your ATV has a hydraulic braking system. When you fail to change your brake fluid when due, water and debris can accumulate in the fluid and cause the brake to fail or lock up.

You may check your owner's manual for how often to change your brake fluid. Some cars only require the brake fluid to be changed every four years, this might also be a guide for you.

Find an ATV supplier in your area and purchase some brake fluid. Empty the brake fluid reservoir and refill it with the new one.

Change the Part

If your brake is still locked up after lubricating the brake cable and changing the brake fluid, then your brake is suffering from a complicated issue. This often requires hiring the service of a professional mechanic to fix. However, if you are confident about the task and know the faulty part causing the lock-up brake, you can go on and change the brake part yourself.

You can get a new brake part from ATV part stores around you.

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