How to Upgrade Seats in Your UTV

If you have sat for long hours in your UTV, you would understand how sore the back can get on a long trip. This effect is more obvious with the wrong or old seats that have lost value on comfort.

Fortunately, you can upgrade your UTV seats just like every other part of your vehicle.

Upgrading your UTV seats helps ensure you are comfortable in your machine, even when on a long trip.

This guide shows how to upgrade the seats in your UTV to make it very comfortable and great to look at.

But first you must understand the importance of a seat upgrade in your UTV.

girl on utv upgrade seats

Why Should I Upgrade My UTV Seats?

One, the main reason you want to upgrade your UTV seat is to cushion the tailbone. Often the seats that come with most UTVs are unforgiving on the body, especially when the quad hits bumps during a ride.

Upgrading your UTV seats to better ones puts ease on your back and your butt.

Two, UTV seats are upgraded not only for comfort but also to add more passenger space.

How to Upgrade Your UTV Seats

Upgrading the seats in your UTV can be achieved by adding an extra seat to the existing ones, but a premium upgrade is getting a completely new set of seats for your vehicle.

Start by detaching the seats from their place carefully, but be careful, so you don't break any hinges.

Remove the base of your seat by removing the screws underneath them.

After removing the old seats, get the new ones and fix them in the space of the old ones. Tighten them well but not too tight so you don't break some delicate structures.

Changing the Seat Covers on UTVs

Another option for upgrading the seat in your UTV is to replace the covers. This is a cheaper option and is easier and faster to do.

Since the aim is to enhance comfort, get some UTV covers with good texture and a high comfort rating. A fluffy cover will be a good option to consider. You also want to invest in a durable cover since you want something that will serve you long. Hence, avoid cheap products.

Continue by removing the old ones on your UTV seat. This may require detaching your seats. Once you have removed the old covers, add your new cover to your seats.

After you upgrade your seats, you also want to consider upgrading the harness. Your harness will ensure you are secure on your UTV.

Hence, you'll need a harness if you care about your safety. You could still go with the normal seat belt if you wanted. A regular seat belt offers adequate protection but may not be helpful in a terrible wreck.

However, if this upgrade is not what you can do, get a professional to help you.

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