How to Upgrade Your CVT Belt

The CVT belt on your ATV is prone to wear and tear. When you notice this happening, it is important to go for a replacement before the belt finally breaks.

Replacing your CVT belt is an important maintenance tip for your ATV. Failure to replace this belt can affect other CVT parts, resulting in pricier replacements.

However, a CVT belt upgrade is a better option, as it means choosing something more powerful than the previous belt.

Here is a guide on how to upgrade your ATV CVT belt:

upgrade atv cvt belt

Stock CVT Belts vs. Aftermarket Belts

When upgrading your CVT belt, you are left with two options: a stock CVT belt or an aftermarket belt. While your choice depends on your driving purposes, an aftermarket belt is usually a better option than a stock belt.

Stock CVT belts are manufactured for recreational and casual use. Since you are probably upgrading your belt for heavy-duty riding, it makes sense to go for an aftermarket belt.

Aftermarket CVT belts are designed to outlast their stock counterparts with improved performance. Upgrading to an aftermarket drive belt lets you drive hard in more challenging terrains without worrying about your belt's lifespan.

Heavy-Duty CVT Drive Belts

Heavy-duty CVT belts are a great option for your belt upgrade. They are designed for flexibility and heat resistance.

Another feature that sets the belts apart is their better gripping than regular driving belts.

Choosing a heavy-duty drive belt is not a question when customizing your quad. After upgrading your tires to bigger options and equipping your machine with lift kits and clutch kits, the next investment is to upgrade to a heavy-duty CVT belt.

Extreme-Duty CVT Belts

While you can stop at upgrading your CVT belt to a heavy-duty belt, you can push things further by going for an extreme-duty CVT drive belt. Extreme-duty CVT drive belts are more powerful than their heavy-duty options.

Investing in this CVT belt is a great choice if you ride more in extreme environments or engage in competitive off-roading.

How Long Do ATV Drive Belts Last?

It is difficult to estimate the actual lifespan of an ATV driving belt, as this depends on several factors.

One, your riding style contributes to your CVT belt's expected lifespan. If you are an aggressive rider, expect your driving belt to wear faster. Also, you cut your driving belt's lifespan by riding on extreme terrains.

The brand of your CVT drive belt also contributes to its lifespan. Drive belts from different brands have different expected lifespans. Hence, you want to patronize a reputable brand when upgrading your CVT belt.

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