How To Use Snatch Block in Your ATV

No matter how strong your ATV seems, even these huge machines sometimes need a little help. A snatch block for your ATV is the tool to use when you need to increase the pulling capacity of your ATV. Whether that means you’re trying to rescue a swamped machine or hanging and processing meat after a successful hunt, you can use a snatch block for your ATV to make all of these tasks much more manageable.

If you have to use your winch for a major task, you can run the risk of damaging it after too much stress and strain. With a snatch block, you can avoid this risk and take care of all your gear. A snatch block is a simple pulley with a hook on one side. This way you can increase your pulling ratio and decrease the maximum effort you or your machine need to exert. Use one of these and you’ll quickly feel a lot stronger.

snatch block for atv recovery
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Determine your angle

When using a snatch block, you need to first figure out the direction you are pulling from. Since this is no longer a single line in one direction, you need to position your ATV effectively to pull on the line, through the pulley, directly to what you are towing.

If you are rescuing your own machine, this is simple. The angle stays the same as it would be with a direct line. If you’re rescuing someone else, you need to set your ATV in a position that can utilize the power of the snatch block without getting in the way of the other machine, or getting yourself stuck. In general, the smaller the angle, the more power you will get as it will use more of the pulley.

Set the snatch block

If you were pulling with a direct line, you would often tie off to a tree or other sturdy, fixed object. This is the same with the snatch block. You’ll set the pulley where you normally would winch off, but you’ll need to keep your tow line length in mind. If you have a 50-foot line, you’ll need to find an object within 25 feet to tow towards. This can make it tricky, so if you use a snatch block, it’s useful to carry longer lines with you on your ATV.

Next, you run the line through the pulley from the winch that is pulling to whatever it is you are pulling. The pulley effectively doubles the strength of your winch if done right. Make sure your snatch block is set securely, and you’re good to go.

Engage the winch

Finally, you can engage the winch just like you would normally. Make sure you are paying attention to the spool as your tow line coils, and move slowly to make sure everything is set correctly. For this, you don’t need to do anything different than normal, you’ll just be pulling from a different angle.

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