How To Use Starter Fluid On An ATV

Starter fluid in an ATV can be a great help when facing cold conditions or some other motor issues in older models of ATVs that have been sitting around for years on end.

The purpose of starter fluid in an ATV is to help the internal combustion of your engine to work properly. Start off by checking that your engine can use starter fluid, because not all engines will work with it.

If your ATV only starts with starter fluid, it may be time to take it into the shop. This points to an issue with the fuel injection system or carburetor if you still have one. Repeated use of starter fluid can begin to damage the engine rather than fix the issue.

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Start with getting the right starter fluid

Choose a high quality starter fluid for your ATV. This will ensure proper functioning of the liquid, and take the best care of your engine. It can always be tempting to buy the cheap stuff, but it almost never works out the way you want it to.

Be wary of storage and use

Starter fluid is highly flammable and can be a big problem if you store it near heat or use it on a hot engine. Be sure to store it in a cool place and always let your engine cool down before attempting to use it. Remember, the purpose of ATV starter fluid is to encourage combustion, which you only want to do in the right places.

Proper application

Starter fluid in an ATV, or any engine for that matter, is a careful matter rather than a “spray it everywhere and cross your fingers” ordeal. You only need to apply a small amount, and need to do so in the right place.

Find your air intake and apply a short, two second blast of starter fluid directly into the intake. If you need to remove the air filter in order to get to the intake, start there.

This short blast should be enough to get your ATV up and running. Try again if you don’t have success the first time, but also know when to give up. Don’t empty a whole bottle of starter fluid, it will only give you more issues.

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