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Must Have ATV Attachments for 2022

ATVs can perform a mind-boggling number of tasks, but they require attachments to do many of them. The following are must have ATV attachments that will make your 4-wheeler more versatile and your life easier.

For mudding: ATV winch

atv and winch in mud

The most essential purpose for an ATV winch is to get you out of a jam. If you're mudding, you could get stuck and need assistance getting out. You could also help other off-roaders in need with your winch. It is recommended that every ATV owner have a winch for emergencies. The more extreme terrain you tackle, the greater your need.

You can also use your ATV winch for climbing steep hills, hauling heavy logs, handling game, using other ATV attachments, and many other tasks. You will need to determine the winch cable you need for your riding habits: steel or synthetic. You'll also want to get the right winch weight for your ATV, getting the strength you need without going overboard and weighing down your machine.

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For short-course trip: ATV storage

atv bag

Most ATVs come with some storage, but it is also pretty much expected that you'll need more. You can purchase storage boxes and storage bags to give yourself more storage capacity, separators to keep items from jostling around and separate from each other, and coolers to keep food and drinks cold. Some storage additions also serve as backrests and offer extra seats, although the safety of extra seats is up for debate.

Make sure any storage container you purchase has the capacity, compartments, and waterproofing you need. Discover the options.

For family trip: ATV camper trailer

atv camp trailer

If you want to take family or friends camping, a towable camper trailer can help you stay outdoors longer and in more comfort. They are tough and have a high ground clearance, so they're easy to tow even in pretty rugged terrain without issue. You can also use your camper trailer to haul extra things on your solo trips.

Camper trailers have a wide variety of features. What do you need? How many people will be sleeping in it? Do you want to be able to shower or have a table to eat at? There are many things to consider, so think about what you want in a camper and browse for the right one.

For farming: ATV accessories

atv farm accessories.jpg

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Farmers frequently use ATVs to perform a wide variety of functions cheaply and conveniently. There are utility trailers, seed spreaders, sprayers, field waterers, livestock cages, and pretty much anything else you could need on a farm.

Even if you're not a farmer, you might find utility trailers, seed spreaders, sprayers, and more farming accessories handy for your landscaping, construction, or household needs. A utility trailer can haul firewood, logs, debris, building supplies, furniture and appliances, and much more. Sprayers can be used to apply insecticides and fertilizers to large gardens or entire lawns.

Make sure to check specifications like the weight, hauling capacity, and attachment size, depending on their purpose, so you can know you're buying what will work for you.

For home use: ATV snow plow and lawn mower

atv snow plow

Homeowners and farmers can benefit from snow plow and lawn mower attachments. Yes, you can have just one machine to both hit the trails and mow your lawn! Your own personal snow plow can also make winter weather chores much easier and safer.

You want to make sure you buy the right size snow plow for your machine. If it is too small, it won't perform well and if it is too large, you may have trouble maneuvering in spaces you want to plow without causing damage.

Lawn mowers will need to be matched with your ATV's towing capacity. There are also different types of lawn mower attachments depending on the type of property you want to mow.

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