Why My ATV Smells Like Gas

A gas smell is a common enough occurrence that quads have become somewhat synonymous with the smell. You will notice a gas smell at some point while off-roading. This doesn’t mean it should be ignored. The cause of your gas smell could be minor or it could be very serious to your riding and your safety, so you should always look into it. Read this post to learn how to fix gas smell in ATV and UTVs.

utv pre-ride check on smell of gas

Why Does My ATV Smell Like Gas?

There are several reasons a UTV or ATV smells like gas. To answer the question how to fix gas smell in ATVs, you first have to determine the cause. We’ll walk you through the troubleshooting steps.

Turn Off The ATV

The ATV must be stopped and off so that nothing’s moving when you start poking around in it.

Check The Fuel Line

This is the most common cause of gas smells, so you should look here first. Get out your flashlight, and check the fuel line for loose connections or damage.

Look at The Air Filter

Air filters can leak gas fumes if they are old or damaged. It’s an easy fix, so check it next. Replace a bad air filter, and you’re good to go.

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Look For Puddles

There shouldn’t be puddles under your ATV. If there are, something’s leaking. Combine that with a gas smell, and it’s probably fuel that’s leaking. You should be able to follow the leak back to the source and repair or replace it.

Jiggle The Gas Cap

Your gas cap could be loose. Jiggle it to see if it feels secure. It may just need to be pushed back in. If it still feels loose, it may be cracked. Cracked gas caps will need to be replaced.

Make Sure The Carburetor Isn’t Flooded

Look at the carburetor for signs of leakage, then check the float for signs of flooding. When a carburetor floods, it lets gas and oil leak out which can cause a gas smell. Try to clean or repair your float. If that doesn’t fix the flooding, you may need to replace the float.

Consider The Temperature

If you’ve checked all these things and they all passed, consider whether the weather has suddenly gotten warmer. Hot weather can make gas evaporate and cause a gas smell. If this is the cause of a gas smell in ATVs, there is nothing you need to do. You should rule out the other problems before resting on this idea, because you don’t want to let these problems sit unaddressed. Then you can stop wasting your time on the how to fix gas smell in quad search and get back to riding or caring for your machine.

Research Your Machine

Some ATV models are known to let gas vapors slip and be a bit stinky. If you’ve determined that there isn’t anything wrong with your machine, look online where other people are talking about your ATV model. You may discover it’s just how the quad is. This is not a cause for concern, except for the irritation of smelling gas. You can park it outside for a while after a ride to let the smell die down before you store it, if you like and you won’t be advertising your ATV to thieves. Unfortunately, the smell won’t deter them.

Severity of Gas Smell Issues

If your gas smell is caused by the temperature or your ATV’s design, then there is nothing to worry about.

Bad air filters and gas caps can be easily fixed. You don’t want to run around with either of these problems for a length of time, so address it quickly for your nose and your ride.

Flooded carburetors and gas leaks can cause serious issues with your machine, waste gas and potentially leave you stranded, and pose a fire hazard. Fix these issues immediately, even if the leak seems insignificant.

If you aren’t confident in your DIY skills or haven’t found a definite cause for the gas smell and want to be sure, you should take the quad to a mechanic for an expert assessment.

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