Will Yamaha ATV Wheels Fit Polaris

Yamaha are a well-renowned brand in the ATV space. But if you have a Polaris with a bad wheel and need to change it for a new wheel, you want to know if it will fit if you get a Yamaha wheel. Now that you have Yamaha ATV wheels and your Polaris wheels are bad, your question is, will Yamaha ATV wheels fit Polaris?

The straight answer to this is NO. 

No, Yamaha ATV wheels won't work for Polaris, and a few reasons are responsible for this incompatibility. One is that the Yamaha wheels have different lug patterns. Another reason is that the backspacing for each brand is different from other brands. Hence, Yamaha ATV wheels don't fit Polaris. 

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How to Replace ATV Wheels

Changing your Yamaha or Polaris wheels is important if they are bad, or you just want to improve your machine's performance. It can also be a daunting task, especially if this is your first time. However, you can get the job done in no time with the right tools and guides. 

Here are simple steps to replacing your Polaris or Yamaha wheels. 

It is important to pay attention to your safety when changing your Yamaha or Polaris wheels and tires. Do this by putting on your gloves and eye protection before working on your quad. 

Remove Wheel

The first step to removing Polaris or Yamaha tires is to remove the wheels. It is best you first loosen the lugs a little before jacking the machine up. This makes it easier to continue removing the wheels. 

With your quad jacked up, loosen the lugs completely but in the right pattern. The right pattern for removing wheel lugs is to follow the same pattern you would follow when installing it, the crisscross pattern. Now that your wheels are off your ATV, deflate the tires. Achieve this by removing the cap and releasing the air with a press on the valve stem.

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Remove Tire from Wheel

The next step in changing a Polaris or Yamaha wheel is to break the bead seal. The bead seal is the black sealant tightening your tire to the steel wheel. This can be harder to break for ATV wheels than car rims. Since off-road rims require more sealer than on-road rims. 

Put the tire on a clean surface so it doesn't dig into the dirt during the process. Follow this by placing a jack on the tire and jacking up something heavy. This process will help pull down the tire and break the seal. Do this round the tire and on both sides to break the seal completely.

This will give you easy access to remove the tire from the rim. 

Couple Tire and Wheel

Now that you have peeled your Yamaha or Polaris ATV tire off the wheel, it is time to introduce your new wheel and couple it with the tire. 

Start by cleaning the lip of the wheel so the seal can work effectively. It is worth noting that though you might not need a bead sealer if you are sure the bead and the wheel will seal well, you still need to clean the wheel lip. 

Now, couple the wheel and tire.

Mount New Wheel on ATV

Mount the new wheel back to your ATV with the same process as when removing it. Complete the whole process by inflating the tire.

That’s how to replace your Yamaha or Polaris ATV wheels.

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