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Carlos Veloz
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Carlos Veloz

Birthdate: 07.03.1987
Current machine: 2016 Honda Rubicon Deluxe
My Zodiac sign is Canc… Oh, you don’t mean THAT kind of about me? I like long rides at the mud parks, I love getting stuck in mud holes, and my specialty is pulling out stuck Polaris’ and Can-Am’s. I started riding on a Polaris 325 Trail Boss back in Middle School and got my first Honda in High School.

I purchased my current Honda Rubicon back in 2016 and that is when I started making videos and posting them to my YouTube channel, which has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Throughout the years I have made some of the best friends a person could ever hope for and together we have made countless memories while out on the trails. You would think after all these years of riding I would be bored of it by now, but my passion for riding just keeps growing and I don’t see any end in sight!
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