Josh Douds
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Josh Douds

Birthdate: 04.29.1993
Current machine: Canam Outlander 850
As a native Floridian life growing up was pretty much outdoors or sports. Florida doesn't have much to offer aside from fishing, hunting, and wild parties. But Florida does have some of the most diverse mud/water/swamp trails pretty much wherever you go! One minute you could be neck-deep in water, the next you're riding around in sugar sand, or you're creeping through some nasty clay mud.

I bought my first truck at the age of 17 and quickly found out offroading was a blast. It didn't take me too long to learn that mudding your daily driver wasn't the best of ideas. After blowing up motors, rebuilding them, and blowing them back up I realized that ATVs were a way more reliable and inexpensive alternative. Nonetheless, this progressed into wanting more power and more options which led me to Canam!

Today I've found my favorite riding style is just fighting my way through some of Florida's nastiest mud. Combining machine with skills or just all-out full send, there is just something freeing about it! Every time I fire my bike up and hear them bald eagles screaming out the exhaust I'm instantly taken to another place!
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