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TOP aftermarket upgrades for ATV owner. Part 2

This is Part 2 of the ultimate guide to upgrading your ATV. In Part 1, we provided you with a list of technical improvements to handle any muddy trail. Now let’s talk about upgrades that will make your ride more comfortable.

PART 2. Comfort and Safety


waterproof offroad bag

There is never too much storage. If you explore your local terrains or dream about long-distance travel on ATV, you will probably need to carry a lot of stuff. A spare pair of gloves, a bottle of water, repair kit, first-aid kit and other essentials from small to large – everything should be placed somewhere and carried properly. Special storage cases and ATV bags will make your off-road life much easier. Make sure they are waterproof and mud-resistant to keep all your belongings safe and clean.


atv for hardcore riding

Whether you assault mud puddles or enjoy a more leisurely pace, you’re always risking to meet a rock, tree, or another obstacle in the wild. Bumpers are the parts that will protect you and your ATV from severe damages. They are supposed to constantly withstand the toughest abuse. So, look for sturdy and durable items that can sustain loads in different environment.

Off-road waders are the core piece of riding gear for ATV & UTV riders
Find out the best look for you


atv mirror

Most ATVs have no rear view mirrors in stock. You can’t imagine how nice they are until you actually buy them. You just get used to turning your head to look behind whenever you need to. It takes time and effort, while a set of good mirrors makes your riding much safer and easier. There is a wide range of mirrors. You’ll have no trouble to mount them on your ATV handlebars.

I would say it’s a riders preference to have mirrors. I would say in larger groups mirrors would be a plus but I don’t think you need them. — Mike Petrone, off-road blogger.
You don't need a mirror in the field. But it makes sense on the street. — Anton Herling, off-road blogger.

Heated grips

av riding gear

Off-road season may last all year long. In the cold months your hands are the first to get frozen. So, always wear high-quality waterproof and windproof gloves that protect your hands against chill air rushing over them. Another option is a set of heated grips. They will warm you up at a flip of a switch.

Hand guards

can-am hand guards

Hand guards are another sound investment. They are useful for both cold weather to keep the wind off your hands, and tough ride through forested trails, when your hands may be seriously damaged by tree branches.

What else do you need to protect your hands from rocks and debris? It’s a pair of good ATV gloves. They will also make your ride more comfortable, offering both additional warmth and better grip on your ATV handlebars.

Off-road waders are the core piece of riding gear for ATV & UTV riders
Find out the best look for you

LED light bars

atv mud riding

Sometimes your trip takes longer than you’ve expected, and you have to ride back home at night. In this case, your machine should be equipped with bright headlight. Most ATVs have headlights in stock. Although they are meant to light up the road ahead, just few do their job well. To fix the problem many riders install a LED light bar. LEDs give generally much higher output and require less power. This is especially valuable for vehicles with small batteries and alternators.

Good lighting is key for night time riding. — Marc Harris, off-road blogger.
Love my LED lights; that was my first mod. I guess it’s the sparkle in me using LED lights; colorful lights at night make the machines look awesome. — Mike Petrone, off-road blogger. 

Phone mount

atv phone mount

You need two hands to ride your quad. Remember this when you want to answer a call or text a message while riding. If you use your phone as a GPS device or a speedometer, think about installing a phone mount on your handlebars. Combined with waterproof pouch, it will do a great job in favor of your safety.

Sound system

atv sound system
Image from www.

What could be more enjoyable than riding to your favorite music! If you are an avid rider with plenty of stunning playlists, you will definitely appreciate installing a sound system on your ATV. Most headphones are good, but they cut you off from the trail. It’s not right. Sound systems give you enough volume to listen. And the best part is that they actually look great.

Loading ramps

atv loading ramps
Image from www.

Loading your ATV into the back of your truck may turn out to be a huge fuss. Unless you have a good pair of ATV loading ramps. As soon as you get them your off-road life won’t ever be the same. Ramps may vary to fit correctly with your truck, but first make sure that they safely bear the weight of your ATV.

Now your new ATV is will-equipped and ready to go. We are sure you will have a long and enjoyable experience ahead. Join the trail and have fun.

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