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How to Choose a UTV Roof

A custom UTV roof is a popular option. It can shield you from rain, baking sun, snow, debris, and branches. Having a strong roof also enables you to add light bars, stereo systems, and walls to your vehicle. They’re a common aftermarket accessory, so there are quite a few side by side roof options to choose from. If you’re thinking about getting one, read this post on how to choose UTV roofs.

utv with roof

UTV Roof Material

Soft Tops

These tops are most often made from polyester and will be secured using Velcro straps. They offer protection from rain and sun and can be easily removed if you desire, but they are not strong enough to protect you from branches or to attach anything else to.

You should choose this option if rain and sun are your primary concerns and you want to stick to a tight budget.

Plastic Roofs

Plastic roofs are usually injection molded and made of black HDPE. This is fine. It’s what OEM roofs are made of. It offers medium protection.

This is a great roof for someone who wants all the benefits of a hard top UTV roof but don’t need to splurge on the toughest level of protection.

Aluminum Roofs

These are the toughest roofs. You might need these if you’re a racer, an extreme rider, or you ride on a lot of wild, forested land.

Aluminum is strong without being heavy, so it won’t weigh down your ATV.

The downside is that these are also the most expensive roofs. You should only buy them if you do need them.

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Tinted Roofs

Tinted roofs are like plastic roofs, but they’re made of a strong polycarbonate so they are mostly transparent like glass. This is not only a cool look, but it provides a needed view for riders encountering mountains and sand dunes. Anyone might like to still be able to see what’s going on above their heads if they need to, and passengers will enjoy being able to see all around them, even above. A tinted roof gives you the benefits of a roof without detracting from the joy of nature that is bringing you outside on your UTV in the first place. The tint helps you have a view without sacrificing your protection from the sun.

How to Buy UTV Roofs

You can purchase UTV roofs in stores for farm and recreational supplies or order them online. You’ll have a wider selection to choose side by side tops online and can purchase custom roofs, but purchasing in person will put a roof in your hands today.

Custom UTV Roof vs Premade UTV Roof

You can purchase a pre-made UTV roof. This is the best option if you want something simple or want to individually pick out accessories you want to add to a hard roof. The only downside is that if you add accessories to a premade roof, you could accidentally spend in total what you could have spent on a custom roof.

A custom roof will certainly cost more than a pre-made UTV roof, but you can get exactly what you want.

You can choose:

  • the material
  • the surface finish
  • whether to get a roof rack and what kind you want
  • if you want a roof extension
  • what kind of lighting and audio package you want

You should definitely compare prices to make sure you’re getting what you most want for the best price.

How to Choose UTV Roofs

Here is the simple guide to all of your SxS roof options.

Most off-roaders would do best with a plastic or tinted roof.

Plastic provides the protection most riders need without paying for more than they need. Lean more towards tinted if you ride on sand dunes or in the mountains or if you ride with your passengers in the back.

You should choose a soft top if all you really want is protection from rain and sun. Anything else is overkill, unless you need or want the tint or like the look of a hard top.

Racers and extreme riders need the protection of an aluminum roof. They are the most costly, but the expense is worth it.

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