How to Install a Stronger Roll Cage on Your UTV

If you haven't already done it, you need to install a stronger roll cage on your UTV. This post will tell you why and how to do that.

What are The Main Functions of the Roll Cage on a UTV?

The roll cage absorbs impacts and strengthens the vehicle's frame to make impacts from various directions less likely to injure UTV occupants and to keep the UTV from collapsing on top of occupants in the event of a roll over crash. Without a roll cage, the UTV will tend to land flat on the ground with you and your passengers underneath. The stronger the roll cage, the more protected you are.

Benefits of Installing a Stronger Aftermarket Roll Cage

Some UTV owners think installing an aftermarket roll cage is all about customizing the look of their machine, and that is certainly one enjoyable benefit that comes with it. The shape and color you choose for the roll cage can make for a thrilling change. That being said, the primary reason to upgrade your roll cage is safety.

While UTVs come with roll cages, these stock models are designed more with weight and cost in mind than the utmost safety. They'll offer you protection, but they aren't made with the strong tubing or as many cross braces as an aftermarket cage is. Aftermarket cages were built specifically to withstand the impact of any potential accident, even roll overs with multiple rolls.

utv with stronger roll cage

What to Look for When Choosing an Aftermarket Roll Cage


Look for cages made out of 1.75-inch DOM tubing to guarantee it's tough enough.


The number of cross braces on your roll cage aren't just for style. They have a significant impact on the strength of the cage.

Height/interior space

The taller the roll cage, the roomier it will feel when you're riding your UTV. Compare the aesthetic appeal of shorter models and necessary height clearance when selecting your cage. If you are a taller rider, you are in particular need of a taller roll cage.


If you're using your OEM doors, you'll need to make sure any roll cage you consider for your UTV is OEM door compatible. This should be included in the description.

Some cages include door frames.


Some models can be paired with matching roofs and others come with a roof already attached.


Different brands offer different extras that may sway you to choosing their cage. These extras might include windshields, roof racks, lights, spare tire mounts, air-pump brackets, whip mounts, intrusion bars, and more.


You can have a roll cage custom made for your UTV. If you go this route, you can choose the material, the triangulation, the color, and more. Educate yourself on the specifics of roll cage design before the purchase so you can describe what you want.

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How to Install a Roll Cage on Your UTV

Before you purchase your roll cage, there is an important aspect of the installation you need to consider. Roll cages can be purchased either already welded together and ready to install or as a kit that you need to weld together yourself. If you can weld or know someone who can, you can get a great deal on your roll cage by buying a kit. If you can't, you can purchase one already welded together, pick it up, and install.

Your roll cage kit may or may not come with instructions to put it together.

You'll need to remove the stock cage. It's attached with bolts, and your work will be much easier if you have a power drill with a bolt attachment. It will require a significant time investment, even with the power drill, because you'll be taking it apart bit by bit.

Make note of which bolts came from where so don't get confused when you're putting the new cage on.

You may need to take out the seats and remove any doors to completely remove the stock cage and install the new one.

When you get ready to lift your roll cage into place, you'll need at least one helper. These things are heavy and cumbersome.

When adding your bolts, insert and partially tighten all of them and then go back and give all of them their final tightening.

It isn't surprising if you have a little difficulty getting your doors to line up with the strikers when installing your new roll cage. You can adjust this by loosening and tightening the bolts that attach the doors until you achieve the right fit.

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