How to Make ATV Ramps

ATV Ramps prove to be very useful. Whether you are relocating or taking your ATV somewhere, you will probably find yourself loading your ATV into a truck. While this might seem simple, it can be daunting. Loading a four-wheeler into a truck can be difficult and even dangerous. This is where you need a ramp. But not just any ramp, one that can carry the weight of your ATV.

While you could think of using flat pieces of wood or metal around your shop for loading your ATV into a trailer, they would not get the job done. The average ATV weighs 500 pounds, which is too heavy for ordinary pieces to hold. ATV ramps are specially designed for the purpose with special materials. The good news is that you can design an ATV ramp yourself.

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Here are three simple ways to make ATV ramps:

1. Aluminum Diamond ATV Ramp

The most effective method to craft a ramp for your ATV is to use an aluminum diamond plate. A 3/16” sheet of aluminum plate is an ideal specification for this ramp, as it is strong enough to hold even the heaviest of ATVs. Note the two sheets must be at least 5 feet long.

Place the two sheets side by side and tie them together. You can also consider welding to hold the sheets together, but it is not compulsory.

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2. Heavy Duty Steel Loading Ramps

Another way to achieve an ATV loading ramp is to use two 2×10 pieces of steel. This can hold more weight than other ATV ramp options and doesn’t necessarily require welding but be sure to hold each end down to the ground for enhanced support. You can also improve stability by adding ramp ends, which are available in hardware stores, ensuring that the ramp is firmly held to the trailer and ground.

3. ATV Ramps from Wood

You can also make an ATV ramp out of wood. This method requires treated 2×12 pieces of wood with angles. The angles, ideally 2×2, are needed to prevent the risk of slipping. Also, these are not just pieces of wood, they are treated wood and must be over 4 feet long to journey your ATV in and out of the truck.

Those are three simple yet effective means to make an ATV ramp. However, it is advisable to test for safety before loading your ATV into the truck. Be sure that your ramp is strong enough for your ATV’s weight. Also, choose a truck or trailer with back low to the ground for easy loading.

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