How to Use ATV Ramps Safely

Transporting your ATV requires loading it into a truck using an ATV ramp before securing it to the truck bed. While the process can be tedious, loading the ATV into a truck is where the work lies. Using ATV ramps is not only challenging but also risky.

However, with the right guide, you can get the job done using ATV ramps safely.

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Here are a few tips on how to use ATV ramps:

1. Chose Quality Ramps

The first step to using ATV ramps safely is to get yourself quality, strong ramps. Whether they are ATV ramps used for cars or a DIY work, ensure the ramps are rated for your ATV’s weight. You also want to go for ramps with sidewalls for added safety features. 

2. Secure the Ramp

Ramps are prone to sliding when driving ATVs on them. Hence, ensure they are securely placed against the truck’s back and the ground. Securing ramps using ratchet straps helps enhance safety when loading ATVs.

3. Wear a Helmet

Since you can never tell what could happen when loading your ATV through your ramps, put on your safety gear, and one important piece to have on is your helmet. While you want to underrate the short distance between your ATV and the truck, slipping and falling off your ATV can result in serious injury. 

Another safety tip here is to have a second person with you. This person can come to your aid should anything go wrong, and you need help.

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4. Position the ATV

While the truck is parked, it is left to you to position the ATV, for the wheels align with the secured ramps. Also, ensure that the ATV is straight with the ramps, so it goes straight into the truck’s bed without slipping off. 

5. Use the Lowest Gear

It is time to drive your ATV up there, but don’t go on just any gear. The lowest gear is always the best for this task, usually 4LO for most ATVs. Switching to the lowest gear means low speed but high power, which enhances using ATV ramps safely. Also, if the ATV has a four-wheel drive, remember to have it on for more power. 

6. Apply Throttle Smoothly

Apply the throttle softly and smoothly as the vehicle climbs into the truck. Maintain the momentum throughout the short drive up there, and don’t back off the throttle until all wheels are off the ramps to prevent the ATV from slipping backward. 

7. Secure the ATV

Once you successfully drive your ATV into the back of the truck, give yourself some pats on the back for a job well done. Complete the task by removing the ramps and other accessories and securing the ATV to the truck. Strong ratchet straps are handy to secure an ATV to the truck.

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