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Neoprene lining for cushioning and comfort

Wading boots Finntrail SPEEDMASTER 5200 BLACK

Article: 5200 - BLACK
159 USD
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The boots have reached the highest performance criteria in comfort and endurance. Maximum protection with the running shoe level of comfort. The boots are highly protected against tears. It is made of a damage-resistant and durable fabric with the Kevlar weave, and synthetic leather. The model provides strong ankle support. The boots are equipped with a rubber sole with maximum adhesion to each type of surface. Sand and mud do not stick between the elements of a rubber outsole, thanks to special mud-free tread patterns. Fits ATV & UTV riders perfectly.


• Lightweight
• Damage-resistant and durable fabric with the Kevlar weave, and synthetic leather
• Solid rubber welt protection
• Durable rubber boot sole
• Mud-free rubber tread
• Strong ankle support
• Proper protection for the toe and heel areas
• Neoprene elements for shock absorption and comfort
• Reliable nylon bootlace
• Sizes available: 6-14

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