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TUBE Black 9801 Buff

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TUBE Black 9801 Buff
Multifunctional buff provides versatile neck protection in any weather. Made of stretchy UV-resistant fabric.  
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Product features:
What is the difference between waders with built-in boots and stockingfoot waders?

Waders with built-in rubber boots have been used by off-road riders by habit and due to lack of alternatives. They have several drawbacks though, especially for off-road riders. Rubber boots do not support the ankle. Also, if you are stuck in a swamp, it’s much easier to pull your waders out when you are in stockingfoot waders, because they are fixed with the boots on the ankle, and are more lightweight then waders with built-in rubber boots.
Stockingfoot waders are much more common and reliable now, and they have plenty of advantages over the waders with built-in rubber boots:

  • Built-in neoprene socks. 4mm neoprene socks with glued seams and a reinforced insole provide comfort and protection. They should be worn with wading boots.
  • Proper ankle support. Unlike rubber boots, wading boots provide proper ankle support, so the chance of injury is minimized.
  • Lightweight. In terms of comfort and weight, wading boots are comparable to trekking boots. After a full day of riding,  there will be no fatigue.
  • Mobility. Since legs are well fixed in wading boots, it is easier to walk in sticky swamps or mud, and it is easier to pull your feet out if you get stuck.
  • Durability and protection. FINNTRAIL wading boots are made specifically for off-road riding. They are made of durable materials with extra reinforcements in the right places, and have special sole for use on ATV footpegs.
  • Variations and design. In addition to all of the practical advantages, you can choose boots with a cool design to match your style.

For off-road riders, especially hardcore riders, stockingfoot waders feel much more comfortable than rubber boots.

Do I need to order any accessories?

Base layer thermal underwear is the trickiest thing. Riders usually think they don’t need it in summer. The thing is, you need it not to warm yourself but to control thermal insulation and proper sweat evaporation. It is made specifically to be worn under waders and jackets as the first layer. The same goes for thermal socks.

Waterproof bags and backpacks are must-have for your belongings and dry clothes.

Waterproof smartphone pouch will protect your phone from water. With a waterproof pouch you can take shots under the water or use your smartphone without needing to clean your hands every time you use it.

Gloves provide extra comfort when riding ATVs and UTVs, and keep your hands dry and protected from sharp twigs and stones.

Check the headwear page to find balaclavas, buffs, hats and caps to complete your off-road warrior set.

Why should I wear underwear and of what kind?

In most of cases, all the problems with sweating during the ride are associated with cotton under your gear. The fact that you sweat is normal, but wearing cotton under the membrane is a mistake.

A membrane is made for gear to "breathe". It allows air to flow inside out and sweat to evaporate, while not letting outside moisture come inside. If pure cotton is worn as thermal underwear, the water and sweat path ends there. Because cotton is an absorbent material, it holds everything that the skin emits and makes it uncomfortably moist inside the gear.

It is very important to put on a proper thermal layer that does not retain moisture under the membrane. It also doesn't have to be 100% synthetic. Blended fabrics with a minimum amount of synthetic fibers (even 20%) may work. In general, the less cotton, the better the moisture wicking quality is though. This also includes the top and bottom of the gear, and socks.

For the cold season, use additional insulated thermal underwear as a second layer after the base layer thermal clothes — a fleece is a good choice.

Product Care:
How should I clean my gear? Are there any rules?

This is a pretty tricky question. We talk about it in detail in our blog. Learn more in our short article How to clean gear after riding.

How should I store my gear? Are there any rules?

Our blog comes in handy. Learn more in How to store gear. This short article covers all the questions on the topic.

Product assortment:
How do I choose the right waders?

There are several factors to consider. All membrane waders are durable, lightweight and breathable, so they are comfortable at any time of the year. 

Please remember to wear thermal underwear as a base layer for the membrane to work most effectively.  Thermal underwear keeps you comfortable by transferring moisture away from the skin.
We like to divide gear by type of riding:

  • If you plan to ride from time to time and don’t plan to overcome hard off-road obstacles, Wademan waders will be enough. They are made of a durable 4-layer fabric with a HARD-TEX membrane and have a minimum of seams, especially on the inside of the legs.
  • If you prefer hardcore riding, take a look at Enduro waders. They are made of a durable five-layer HARD-TEX membrane from the feet to the waist. Also consider Aquamaster waders. They have no cross seams on the inside of the legs, and are reinforced with a durable five-layer HARD-TEX membrane. Both choices have a minimum of seams on the inside of the legs, so they are more resistant to wear.
  • We also have waders with zdirt resistant zippers: durable and technologically advanced Speedmaster-Zip which provide incomparable comfort in the moments when you need to do the deed.

Waders with built-in rubber boots are quite popular, but waders with wading boots are technologically advanced, safe and comfortable and are becoming more popular nowadays because of their advantages. So, think twice when buying waders — make a right choice.

How do I choose the right size?

We have an easy-to-read sizing chart to help you find your size.  Men’s and Women’s sizing is shown there.  If you choose the boots for a woman, choose one size smaller boots, as 8 men US size boot equals 9 US for women.
If you still have any questions, feel free to use the site chat or contact us by email shop@finntrail.com

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got a buff as a gift, thank you :)
IInitially bought to protect my mug from sand and dirt. A good choice for sure. It kinda stretched after 2 years, so I decided to order another one.
Neat buff, comfy!
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