How to Clean Your ATV Tires

Most ATV owners cherish their rides, and most of us like to give our four-wheelers a good clean up periodically to keep them looking their best. Even the tires, which will quickly get caked in mud again after you’ve cleaned them, need a little bit of love from time to time. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of proper tire cleaning and maintenance as well as discuss the tools that make the job easier.

Why is it important to clean your tires properly?

For the other half of users, cleaning the tires of your ATV or UTV is a chore. Off-road tires have become more aggressively shaped over the past decade, which means there are more nooks and crannies for mud, snow, and debris to accumulate. This makes the job longer, particularly if you don’t have the right tools.

When cleaning your ATV from top to bottom, it can be the rubber on the tires that end up being the most troublesome. Not only are the tires constantly getting wet and picking up dirt from the terrain, but rubber is also porous. This means it’s very happy to pick up dirt wherever it goes.

There are good reasons to clean your tires. Caked-on mud will lower the tire’s efficiency. But perhaps more importantly, tires have UV absorbers, antiozonants, and rubber conditioners that keep them performing their best over multiple years. Incorrectly cleaning your tires or leaving them too long between cleans can result in discoloration and premature wear and tear.

Poor maintenance of your tires can result in dry rot, where the rubber breaks down and you need to replace them completely.

Tools required to clean your ATV tires

Cleaning your tires can be performed just with a basic brush and a tire cleaner. Choose a tire cleaning product that can be used on both your tires and wheels for better efficiency.

To speed things up, you can use a brush attachment for your drill.

For a better finish, dry your tires with a microfiber detailing towel. This reduces water spots and makes it possible to remove every spot of brake dust.

If you’re looking to impress, you can use a tire protectant. Not only do tire balms leave a matte finish with no residue, but they also bring out the color of the tires. If you choose a protectant with anti-static properties, your tires will repel dust and smudges for a showroom finish.

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Precautions to take when cleaning your ATV tires

It’s important to choose a tire cleaning product that’s designed for your tires. Using other cleaning products that aren’t specifically designed for tires can spell disaster and shorten the lifetime of your tires.

If you do opt for a drill brush attachment, be sure to choose one with soft bristles. You can easily scratch up your tires or rims if you use a bristle that’s too stiff. Similarly, use the drill on the lowest speed setting. Not only does it help to ensure you don’t damage your tires or rims, but it also stops soap from flying all over your workshop!

And if you use a drill to help you with your tire cleaning, it’s best not to dip it into a bucket of water each time. Electronics are easily damaged and your drill can become rusted. Instead, use a spray bottle and tire cleaner on your drill brush attachment to keep your drill away from water as much as possible.

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