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How To Use Seafoam In An ATV

We’re highly accustomed to cleaning our car engines with Seafoam products, but can you use Seafoam in an ATV in the same way? Yes, you can absolutely use Seafoam in the same way, but you need to adjust for the differences in engine size and oil levels.

If you’re experiencing any hard starts, rough idling, or poor performance, it’s about time to clear up the ATV’s engine. Harmful deposits will start to gum up your fuel lines no matter what you do in your routine maintenance, so you need to use Seafoam in order to clear it out every once in a while.

The normal place to start is checking your fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, and battery. If everything checks out, you can work on cleaning up the engine easily with Seafoam.

It’s easy to doubt a lot of these products, but many ATV users swear by Seafoam and will always carry it in case of a rough running engine. It’s well worth giving it a try in your rig and experiencing the results firsthand, it’s also likely that you’ll quickly become a religious user.

seafoam atv

How to Use It

For starters, you’ll want to clean the exterior of the engine to avoid any potential issues from coming up again after cleaning the interior. You can use Seafoam engine cleaner to give your ATV a good scrub down and prevent additional problems.

Next, grab a whole can of Seafoam motor treatment and dump it into your fuel tank when it’s at a low level. The higher concentration will help to clean your engine better rather than mixing the cleaner with a full tank.

Start up your ATV and drive it around for a few miles. This will get the cleaner moving through all of the fuel lines and into all the places that need a thorough cleaning. Afterwards, bring the ATV home and shut it down. An overnight hot soak will allow for the Seafoam to clean to its fullest potential.

If you’re looking to use Seafoam in your ATV oil, it’s a similar process but you need to follow the guidelines for how much seafoam to use in an ATV.

The next morning you can start the engine back up and fill the tank to full. From here, you should be good to go and use your ATV as normal, hopefully in better working order than before!

When to Use It

Seafoam only needs to be used a few times throughout the year, but it’s important to include it in your routine maintenance. This will help prevent harmful residue from building up and clogging fuel injectors. There’s nothing in Seafoam that will harm your engine if you use it properly.

If it’s been a while since you’ve done some routine maintenance, you may want to grab an extra bottle of Seafoam and use it as well. The more you use, the cleaner your engine will get.

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