How Fast Do Electric 4 Wheelers Go?

Many off-roaders have heldtheir place firmly in the gas ATV camp because they believe electric ATVs aren’t as powerful or fast as gas quads. That’s old news. Sports brands are constantly innovating, and electric ATVs become more powerful all the time, in many ways matching gas ATVs while exceeding them in environmental-friendliness, cost-efficiency, and peaceful quiet. So, read on for the answer to how fast do electric 4 wheelers go?

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How Fast Does an Electric ATV Go?

Most adult electric ATVs have a top speed of 40 mph, while some have a top speed of 70. Read the specifications carefully to make sure you’re purchasing the speed you expect, whether too much or too little.

Children’s ATVs have restrictions built in. They can only go up to a certain speed, usually somewhere from 8-20 mph depending on the age of the child they are built for. The parents can further control the top speed their child can go, setting their own limit with governors to less than the top speeds. They can then increase it as the child grows, if they wish.

What is The Fastest Electric ATV?

So, beyond how fast do electric ATVs go, what’s the limit?

The fastest electric ATVs you can purchase on the market are utility ATVs that can reach up to 70 mph. The fastest modified electric ATV can reach 100 mph.

What Makes an Electric ATV Fast?

The power determines how fast an electric ATV can go, unless a governor has been installed such as on a child’s ATV which can limit the speed. This connection between power and speed means that if reaching top speeds is a priority for you, you’ll need to invest in an electric ATV with power at the higher end of the range.

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It’s All About Need

There is more to consider with electric ATVs than speed.

Your intended use for the ATV and the range you need should be factored into the equation. If you trail ride, spend most of your time mudding, are a beginner rider, or use your ATV for farming, construction, or hunting, you don’t need a lot of speed.

Also, range is crucial. You charge your electric vehicle and how much range it has determines how far and how long you can ride. The faster you go, the quicker you will exhaust your range.

How Fast an Electric 4 Wheeler Do You Need?

Children under the age of 12 should have an ATV with a power rating less than 350W. These machines will usually have a max speed of 10mph with governors to let the child’s parents reduce the speed even more.

Teens can start riding more powerful ATVs. You’ll have to determine the exact limit depending on their size, skill, and maturity level, but the more powerful youth and even beginner adult ATVs can be suitable for teens. These might reach 20 mph.

Mature teens and adults who only intend to ride on flat terrain will be perfectly fine with an electric ATV of a power rating between 500W and 2kW.

Adults riding on easy trails will be fine with 2kW-4kW of power. That’s quite a range and your specific needs may vary, so read the ATV specifications carefully to be sure you’re getting what you want and need.

Moderately harsh terrain is suited for 4kW of power. These quads should come with the tough suspension systems needed to tackle the challenges of your adventure.

Anything above that is reserved for the toughest terrain which includes super steep climbs and deep mud. If you buy one of these quads and you don’t need it, it’ll be overkill and could be dangerous. If you actually need this quad, make sure it supplies 7 kilowatts of continuous power to help you match the challenges ahead.

Are Electric ATVs Road Legal?

Some people may assume that because electric ATVs could be comparable to an electric car and they aren’t noisy they might be road legal.

In some states, it is illegal to ride a quad on the road no matter what. In many areas of the US, quads of all kinds are not legal on roads unless they have been heavily modified with new tires and many safety features like mirrors, turn signals, reflectors, windshields and wipers, and more. You will have to have your ATV registered and purchase liability insurance.

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