How To Repair ATV Plastic Fenders

Your ATV plastic fenders are prone to scratches, cracks, and sun damage. Where eventually it needs repairing. Even after regular cleaning and polishing, some scratches are too deep to buff away. It can ruin the look of your ATV, and style is important if you run a rental business or for personal pride. Here are the best ways to repair ATV plastic fenders.

atv in mud with plastic fenders 

Why Your Plastic Fenders Fade

Fading is different to cracks and scratches and can discolor the graphic or decal that you have on your setup. Plastics are created using crude oil and when it is exposed to sunlight, the visible layers of the oil evaporate away. This causes drying, and if not treated soon can lead to cracks and more damage. That’s why it is best for owners that they repair ATV plastic fenders as soon as possible.

How Do I Repair ATV Plastic Fenders?

Plastic Restoring Kits

There are a multitude of products that claim to ‘restore’ the plastic finish and repair ATV plastic fenders, but do they work? The best two products tested are below:

Car Guys Plastic Restorer

This proves to be the best fix for ATV plastics fenders. As it is simple to setup using the foam applicator that’s built in to every bottle. Simply dab the solution on the foam applicator as you work your way around the fender to restore the color and sheen.

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TriNova Plastic Restorer

The bright look on the ATV fender really proved that this product worked. Taking longer to dry, the TriNova restorer needs to be free of dirt and bugs when used, as they get trapped in the finish. Plus, exposing to the sun for up to 12 hours will do a great job in hardening the material, as long as you periodically wipe off any residue that builds up to prevent streaking.

Using Heat

As the plastic reacts to heat, they bring the deeper layers of oil to the surface. This is where a gentle application of a heat gun comes in. It is a hard technique to master but is ideal in smaller areas to repair ATV plastic fenders.

Always test the technique first on a hidden area of the fender. Begin with the lowest heat and gently apply heat at around 1 foot away from the fender. Slowly edge closer to the fender, with an aim on an area the size of the heat gun and wait until the finish is brighter and smooth. As soon as this happens, take away the heat gun. Repeat once or twice more if the finish is not satisfactory. Be careful not to heat the plastic too much otherwise it will melt or permanently deform it.

Now you are more equipped on how to repair ATV plastic fenders. Other methods to repair scratches include sandpaper of 1500 grit which you wet before buffing away at the fender surface. But the more buffing you do, the more material you’re removing, so be careful.

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