INTERVIEW: Mainville ATV and Outdoors

12 October, 2021

They are the Fantastic Four in off-road riding. Please, meet Kyle, Cassandra, Drake and Erin - the amazing Mainville ATV and Outdoors team. They’ve been dirt riding longer than they haven’t. So, how is it to live life with passion for off-roading?

— Please tell us a bit about yourselves.

Mainville ATV and Outdoors originally started with myself, Kyle. It was simply a way of sharing my rides and started completely out of nowhere. So after, my wife Cassandra decided she wanted her own machine so she could enjoy the sport herself. Coming from dirt bikes, I knew she would be a quick learner into a new sport. Being military, we move a lot. So we moved out to Saskatchewan Canada last year and met Drake and Erin, who are also part of the channel. They have been an amazing addition to the team! That brings us to the team people know today.

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— How long have you been into off-roading?

Personally, I come from a trapping family. Since I was about 9 years old or so we had Honda ATC’s (three wheelers) to get around to set traps on the property. Safe to say I've been riding longer than I haven’t. Cass has been riding one way or another off road her whole life and honestly so has Drake and Erin. Seeing a pattern here!

— How often do you ride?

Our busiest year as Mainville ATV was 52 rides. Nearly one large ride a week. I think these days we are searching for quality instead of quantity. Meaning a large trip to the mountains instead of five rides in the backyard but we are always down to ride as a rule of thumb!

— What’s your funniest memory of riding together?

When Cass was brand new to the sport, she stopped at a small tree across the trail (maybe 15cm thick). She looked at me like she was expecting an answer and I had no idea what she was trying to say. Turns out she didn’t know if the ATV would make it over the small tree. Yes, Cass. It will go over the small tree. I still make fun of her for this today years later.

— How often do you participate in events? Which one is the most memorable?

We participate as often as we can. As far as memorable events we have been to many! Recently the two that stand out to me are FRCC (Filthy Redneck Country club) and the Dundurn Mud Drags. Both Saskatchewan events nearby and boy i'll tell you, if you can go to a Saskatchewan event do it. They throw great parties!

— Tell us about your current machine. What aftermarket upgrades did you make?

The current flagship of Mainville ATV and Outdoors is #ProjectMenace our 2021 Can-Am Maverick Sport XRC 1000r. In the short time we have had it, the modification list is massive. We have a full build breakdown on but to keep it brief, turbo.

— How do you usually prepare yourself and your vehicle for the next ride?

I have a standard routine. Maintain, ride, wash and repeat. Do that, and you’ll have that machine for a long time! For myself, I need my Finntrail of course. Camera gear, food and good friends is all that is left in my opinion.

— Which essentials and supplies do you always keep on board?

I rarely keep tools with me on the trail. I like to travel light. That being said, in my trail is a full tool box and everything I need to get home. All you will find in my machine is a roll of toilet paper usually.

— What do you usually do during the off-season?

We usually do a few rides in the winter. That being said, last year we had -49 celsius, so sometimes it doesn't work out. We also have our snowmobiles that we highly enjoy while we patiently wait for spring!

— You have a lot of followers on Instagram and YouTube. Most of them don't know you in real life. What do you do?

I am ex military, my wife is currently serving. We run Mainville Media which encompasses a few of our business ventures. That is my day to day. Mainville ATV and Outdoors is one of many of my projects at any given moment. Drake is a jack of all type making the world keep ticking and Erin is in medical care.

— Can you share tips to inspire off-road riders?

I only have one tip. Only ride with people who will stay with you when you break down. Those are riding buddies.


ATV or SxS?

If you can, one of each. Two different sports in my opinion.

Muskeg, swamp, water, or mud?

I lean towards water and mud but we won’t shy away from a good time.

Short or long distance ride?

All of my best rides took hours and hours but only covered a couple KM.

Can-Am, Polaris, or Arctic Cat?

We definitely aren’t brand loyal but we do have preferences. Myself, Can-Am. Cass loves her Yamaha and so does Drake. Erin rides a Honda and Polaris. If it runs, we will ride it.

Is there anything else that you want to touch on?

Rubber side down.



Kyle rides in the Finntrail AQUAMASTER Red set. Perfect to stay comfortable and flexible when riding in the extreme weather and environments. 


Drake rides in the Finntrail AQUAMASTER Red set. Waterproof, breathable and durable set for hardcore off-road riding. 


Cassandra rides in the Finntrail RACHEL Petrol set. Tailored for women's figure and sizes, the gear provides great fit and comfort. New color! 


Erin rides in the Finntrail RACHEL Petrol set. The best-selling women's gear for ladies who enjoy off-road challenges. Hit! 

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