2023 Off-Road Gear Guide

Amazing off-roading fun is also serious business. When you get out there, you want to be prepared for maximum thrill, the least hassle, the most safety, and ideal comfort. This off-road gear guide will prepare you for all of the above so you have the best outdoor adventure.

Riding Gear and Appropriate Off-road Clothing

Depending on when and where you'll be riding, you may need different sets of riding gear. 

atv gear for mud riding


For hardcore mudding, prepare to keep yourself completely dry, warm, and ready to encounter water, mud, and debris. A set of waterproof ATV waders and a jacket will definitely serve you better than casual pants and coat as they have an abrasion resistant design to keep you much more comfortable and safer in wet conditions.

For recreational trail riding and ATV camping with family and friends, you won’t need the highest protection against elements. Consider a lightweight suit for outdoor activities.


You can go off-roading whenever you want, in any season and weather conditions.

In warm summer days, start with long sleeves and super breathable lightweight pants. Even if it’s hot, you still need the protection from branches, bugs, and debris. Your clothes should also provide UV protection and keep the sun from baking down onto you.

In mild mid-season or cold winter, you may wear the same set and adapt to the weather changes with just switching the base and middle layers. 

Learn how to use layering, wear light thin clothes, and still beat the cold.

atv riding boots


When riding your four-wheeler, you need boots with excellent traction. There are actually two main options: ATV wading boots with stockingfoot waders or rubber boots with suits and casual pants.

Whatever you pick, make sure your boots should be purpose-built for ATV/UTV riding. Discover more helpful tips on how to choose the best off-road footwear.


And finally, whatever the journey, you’ll also need an ATV helmet, goggles, and ATV riding gloves. These are essential to your safety, protecting you in an accident, protecting your eyes and your visibility, and helping you comfortably and safely grip the handlebars and controls.

ATV waders are the core piece of riding gear for off-road riders
Find out the best look for you

Travel Snacks

You'll want, and sometimes need, water and snacks as part of your off-road gear. Bring:

  • energy bars
  • granola bars
  • jerky
  • trail mix
  • cheese
  • nuts
  • water
  • sports drinks (if it's hot out)

Non-perishables are excellent, bring some, but don't forget you can bring a cooler with cold water, fruits, and cold foods.

off-road gadgets

Off-road Gadgets

Off-road gadgets can make your ride more fun, worry-free, and safer.

ATV GPS tracker

An ATV GPS tracker can help you find your way if you're lost out in who knows where your adventure took you, find your ATV in the event of a theft, and be found in the event of an emergency. That makes ATV GPS trackers one of the most important gadgets to purchase. Some ATVs have trackers built-in, so check to make sure this step isn't done for you.

Walkie Talkie/Radio

Being able to communicate with other riders helps you share your adventure in real-time, despite the noise of the ATV. You can comment on views or tricks at the moment they happen and talk and make jokes while you ride. They also allow you to notify other riders of riding changes, trail hazards, and emergencies. Depending on the type of radio you get, you may be able to talk to just your riding group or anyone within a certain radius. 

Portable Power Station

If you'll be camping with your ATV, you'll love this gadget. Portable power stations can charge your cell phone or camping goodies like electric grills and coffee makers.

atv repair in the field toolkit

Emergency kit


In the event something goes wrong, you'll want a toolkit containing such items as a flashlight, tow rope, general tools, spare nuts and bolts, spare parts and tools unique to your vehicle, duct tape, and super glue.


Whether you snag your finger on something while enjoying the outdoors or you find yourself in an accident, you could need some first aid while off-roading.

Purchase a first aid kit or make your own with the classics, adhesive bandages, gauze, and healing ointments. You might also want to bring any medications you need, pain relievers, hand sanitizer, biodegradable soap, toilet paper or wipes in a waterproof bag, and sunblock. Hand warmers and blankets are helpful in cold weather.


We've covered fluids for you, but what about for your ATV?

If you're going on a longer ride, you may need more gas than your gas ATV's tank can hold or you may need emergency gas.

It's also wise to bring replacement engine oil and coolant in case you encounter a problem on the trail.


You'll also want waterproof everything, bags for storing your phone, a waterproof cooler, waterproof storage. Think of everything you're bringing that you don't want to get wet. Everything!

big atv bag for travel

Camping Gear & Hobby Essentials

If you'll be staying outdoors overnight, you'll need camping gear. Bring:

  • a lantern
  • lighter or matches
  • a tent
  • folding camping chairs
  • sleeping bag(s)
  • a pocket knife
  • a bottle opener
  • bug repellent
  • bear repellent
  • camping cups
  • eating utensils
  • paper plates

Bring anything you'll need for your specific outdoor hobbies, fishing or hunting gear, birding books and binoculars, ice fishing gear, or games to play with your loved ones on a camping trip.

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